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How to tie?

We suggest doing this step in front of a mirror that allows you to view your midsection easily. 

  1. Slide beads to the middle of the strand creating free space at the ends of the string. 

  2. Place the beads around your waist, like you would a belt.

  3. Decide where you want the beads to be on your midsection. ​​​Note- if you are using the beads to track your fitness goals, place them higher up on your midsection so that when you lose inches your beads naturally fall towards your waistline. If you notice that your waist beads start to rise or get tight you'll know that you are gaining weight.

  4. Determine the length of the strand you'll need by crossing the two ends over each other to where they fit on your body. Choose one end and slide the excess beads towards the knotted end. 

  5. Triple tie the strand making sure your waist beads are secure. 

  6. Cut the string near the knot. 

  7. Take a picture and tag us on social media. Enjoy! 

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What is your return policy?

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